Why Yoga and meditation products?

Yoga is a way of life, it is a philosophy dedicated to a lifestyle and culture with meditation techniques and healthy habits, rooted in a physical culture of health and well-being. It is human freedom, making own decisions. Yoga can be practiced pretty much anywhere, on your own or in a yoga class with other yogi’s.

Practicing yoga

The practicing can take place in a studio, at home but outside too. On the grass, beach or somewhere in the nature. Every yoga pose has a different name, the postures makes the brain calm, muscles flexible and gives the body energy. And overall it makes you feel relaxed and give you confidence. You are able to establish an internal connection with yourself. Yoga unites your body and mind. Yoga practice take not only care of your muscles, they will be more flexible but also your weight by eating healthy.




Specialized in designing, producing and optimize your yoga and meditation products

Our interest in yoga has resulted in our webshop. We have done over the years a lot of research and studies in all materials, related to yoga. The products have been tested and researched in many parts,we not only pay attention to the quality of raw materials but also they have as little as possible for humans and the environment.

Yoga mats, meditation products and many other accessories is the basis of our range. Products standing for quality and professionalism. For questions please feel free to contact us.

Broad palette of quality yoga mats and props

In our webshop a wide range of responsible made yoga mats, meditation cushions and yoga props. For over 10 years Yogini has been supporting people on the path to mindful living, to be careful with our living environment and your own body and mint. We are the distributor of the Bodhi program because the products and the Bodhi yoga philosophy about the yoga lifestyle, is close to our yoga approach.