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Bodhi yoga mats

No yoga exercise is complete without a good yoga mat. Like the different types of yoga styles, popular yoga mats are available in a range of choices. From extra thick to thin, from open to closed cell structure, normal grip or sticky grip, long and wide lengths. The best yoga mats come in different types to meet the needs of each individual.

Choose the best yoga mat by choosing a brightly coloured mat or a mat with design, a blanket or an extra cushion to support knees and joints. You can purchase yoga mats and supplies as equipment for your yoga studio. Wholesale discount prices are available when purchasing in bulk.

Choose from professional mats, basic mats or eco-friendly mats. We have yoga mats for everyone. Thin, lightweight mats are great for travel, while thicker mats with extra grip are perfect for pilates or daily use. Find the best yoga brands that fit your needs, such as Bodhi Yoga, so you feel confident in the mat you choose.

Bodhi Yoga is one of the best known and most popular yoga brands in Europe. Bodhi yoga mats have been a household word for decades. Bodhi continues to develop and innovate to continuously improve the quality of yoga mats. Think of durability, grip and comfort.

Discover our many types of yoga mats and their own unique qualities. The yoga mats are attuned to the different yoga styles that exist, and the specific requirements or wishes you have as a yoga practitioner.