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Yoga mats

Is a yoga mat really necessary when a yogi practicing yoga? People have been practicing yoga for several century’s, and they accomplished it just fine without a yoga mat. The tradition does suggest that the ancient yogis did use some sort of yoga mat. Nowadays a yoga mat is a tool employed by the yoga practitioner and here to stay. It is a metaphor and represented the space in which our minds might experience.

Practicing yoga

There have been many improvements by the continuous practice of yoga. The yoga mat does more than just provide a sticky surface, it gives comfort, grip and safety. And your yoga mat defines your space in your mind and body and world around, it is the private space of the yoga practitioners.

Choosing a yoga mat is not just picking the right color or price. The yogi need to decide which material, PVC or an ecologic mat and also which size, thickness and designs on the yoga mat. Yoga is taught in many forms in which a variety of yoga products are used as support. Yoga is a way of life but also a way of relaxing, it's an Oriental philosophy, which was discovered in the 50s by the Western world. It is a way to connect, to balance between body and mind. A quest for consciousness and strength.

Broad palette of quality yoga mats and props

In our webshop a wide range of responsible made yoga mats, meditation cushions and yoga props. For over 10 years Bodhi Yogitri has been supporting people on the path to mindful living, to be careful with our living environment and your own body and mint.