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Yoga benches & chairs

If you have not previously done yoga or have an injury or other disability, you can still do yoga. By using yoga benches, chairs, yoga stools and other tools, you can help your body perform yoga positions without pain. There are different types of yoga benches and yoga chairs available, each intended for different purposes. 

The Yoga Stacking Arc Barrel by Bodhi is the perfect back seat for people with back problems or who need extra support for certain postures. This yoga bench can help to increase the flexibility of the spine and relieve pain in the back. It re-establishes the spine and decompresses the spinal cord. When you lie over it, the curve helps to expand the chest and rib cage to bring more oxygen into the body. You can use the bench as an aid in yoga and other exercises. 

The Bodhi Head Stool is slightly more focused in its design. This yoga bench helps you to achieve a headstand. A headstand pose is very challenging, especially for starting yogis. But you can achieve the same benefits by using this bench that protects the shoulders and keeps your body stable and your neck is not burdened. The advantages of using this bench for head positions include decompressing the neck and relieving tension, as well as improving blood circulation, digestion and metabolism. Get the benefits of an inversion without the tension of a normal head position. 

The solid steel Yoga Chair Bodhiresembles is an ordinary folding chair, but due to the missing back section, this chair is perfect for yoga. A yoga chair can be used as a tool for standing positions that are too difficult, and also as support for back bends, twists and other postures that are normally too strenuous.

  • Yoga Stacking Arc Barrel € 249,00
  • Simhasana Bench € 89,95
  • Viparita Dandasana Bench € 109,95
  • Forward Bender Bench € 79,95
  • Yoga Chair, Silver € 72,50
  • Yoga Headstand Stool € 189,00