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Yoga accessories

Bodhi Yoga has developed a wide and unique range of yoga accessories. Bodhi has listened carefully to the knowledge of yoga schools and the different insights of yogis and yoginis. This is why Bodhi has developed products that are made of the right materials and have a unique design, which gives them perfect support while practicing yoga. Bodhi Yoga continuously develops and innovates, with design, design and color being permanently recurring aspects.

There is a lot to discover about which yoga accessories suit you, and which products can enrich the development of your yoga path.

Choose from the different types of yoga bolsters, yoga bags or yoga blankets. We have yoga accessories for everyone. Yogariemen or blocks help with the flexibility and agility of the body, and to adopt the right posture more easily. Yoga grip towels are moisture-absorbing and ensure that hand palms and feet do not slip away while performing yoga exercises.

Find the best yoga brands that suit your needs, such as Bodhi or Yogitri, so you feel confident during your yoga class.