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Fitness and Pilates

Our webshop offers all sorts of practical Pilates and Fitness products. Think of accessories that contribute to your support and grip. Or articles to vary or develop your workouts. All Pilates and fitness articles take into account the different desires you have as a user. That's why we have put together a varied assortment where you can always find something that fits your training.

Specific Pilates and fitness products include our Samsara Yogarad, balls, balance pillows, rollers, fitness mats and fitness blocks.

At Pilates it is desirable that you can move as freely as possible. It is important that the clothes are comfortable. Sweat is released during Pilates training and therefore the clothing should be breathable and made especially for Pilates. Pilates, but also fitness clothing should be made of soft and supple fabrics with stretch material.

Since the body takes different postures during the exercises, buttons, zippers and pockets are not recommended.