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Meditation clothing

Meditation clothing is clothing that is worn during meditation. This clothing is specially designed for meditation and has a loose and comfortable style that gives the body a relaxed feeling during meditation. 

Meditation clothing is not essential, but it is nice to wear comfortable clothing during meditation. Some people like to wear traditional meditation clothing because it increases the experience for them, and others just love modern styles and the fact that the materials are 100% natural. 

If you go to a retreat or a meditation class, you can choose to wear a kimono or a zen jacket. Your clothes need to breathe and allow air to flow to your skin. It is best if the fabrics are made from natural fibers such as cotton or silk, and feel comfortable on the skin.

There are all kinds of designs for meditation clothing, depending on the type or form of meditation you are interested in. In our collection of meditation clothing we have modern, comfortable meditation pants, meditation shirts and meditation tops. For extra warmth and comfort, you can expand your meditation outfit with a soft meditation blanket or meditation wrap.

  • Meditation Pants black € 50,62
  • Meditation Pants blue € 50,51
  • Meditation Pants brown € 43,38
  • Meditation Pants eggplant € 50,61
  • Meditation Pants orange € 50,61
  • Meditation Pants white € 37,96